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I love Ebony and want the best for him

I first met Cathy a couple of years ago when I was looking for a groomer for my Standard Poodle puppy, Ebony. After having checked out a number of different places, I went to CJ’s Dog Resort and Spa. I was sold as soon as I walked in the door. Her grooming area was very clean and well organized. Her prices were very reasonable and she was friendly and professional. She showed me a number of photos to help me chose the cut I preferred for Ebony.

Cathy’s vast knowledge of dogs has helped Ebony and me in many ways. As a first time dog owner, I faced a steep learning curve. It was Cathy who first noticed Ebony had an ear infection. At the vet’s, it took three people to hold him to administer the ear drops. He was worse when he got an eye infection. He was never aggressive, but he was like a contortionist. When I told Cathy how difficult it was to administer the drops because Ebony was so incredibly stubborn, she assured me she could get them in herself. She did! She helped me learn how to win that battle with him too. When Ebony’s eye and ear infections kept recurring, Cathy recommended I ask my vet to test him for allergies. Sure enough, that was what was causing the problem.

Every trainer who has worked with Ebony has commented on him being one of the most stubborn dogs they’ve ever worked with. He needs a loving, but firm hand. Cathy has given me countless and practical training tips. As a young puppy, Ebony could be a little rascal and Cathy and Malcolm played a huge role in helping him learn boundaries, how to share and socialize well with other dogs. He is a very high energy dog and requires a great deal of exercise. After a day at puppy daycare, he comes home tired and happy.

The play area outdoors is well maintained and has a good shaded area as well as large kiddie pools to keep the dogs comfortable in the summer heat. Cathy and Malcolm have recently added a second very large play area, giving the dogs even more space to run. It is reassuring to know the dogs are always supervised and given a lot of play time outdoors.

I like to travel and I am able to do so knowing that Ebony will have the best of care. They administer any medications he needs, be it pills, needles or drops. Should Ebony get sick while I’m away, they would take him to his own vet. On my latest trip, I extend my stay and the food I had left ran out so they went out and got the same band I use.

A couple of family members have been dealing with very serious health issues lately. It came as a huge relief when Cathy told me not to worry, that should an emergency arise, to just call and bring Ebony out to them right away. A couple of months ago, I got a call asking me to get to the hospital in North Bay as soon as possible. I was able to drop Ebony off late that day and leave with one less worry, knowing Ebony would be well cared for until I was able to get back.

I love Ebony and want the best for him. Cathy and Malcolm provide that in every way. My only concern is that Ebony doesn’t miss me much at all when he is with them.

Sharon Tallon

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31 March 2015

While we were living in Grafton Ontario we took our dogs to “CJ’s Dog Resort and Spa” when we had to be out of town or had other commitments. They were recommended by friends who like us were very particular on how their dogs were treated and refused to have their pets in kennels.

The facilities at CJ’s are excellent, there are many large open spaces for the dogs to run and play in. They are supervised at all times and not allowed to go “crazy”. The whole area is kept very clean and obviously policing is kept up diligently.

Our dogs were never reluctant to go there and at the end of the day we were always guaranteed two tired and happy Collies. We always had feedback and informed recommendations if required from the owners when we picked up our dogs after their stay. We would not hesitate to recommend this facility to anyone who wants the best for their friend whether it is a day visit, overnight or an extended stay.

Lisette & John Gerry

Nova Scotia

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I have nearly 300lbs of dog that I drop off to her place….and I know they will be treated like one of the pack in their own individual way.

I have known Cathy for more than 20 years. I grew up next door to Cathy’s facility and she has been our go-to professional for all things ‘dog’. She has groomed and boarded for my family for the better part of 2 decades and we have trusted her with our furry family members. After moving to the city, I got my two Great Danes and they have spent every holiday back with Cathy and her pack. I have trusted her when my dogs were young and they were learning how to socialize, as they grew up and developed their personalities and now, as adult dogs, they just love spending long weekends at her facility. I continue to be impressed by her attention to detail, the way she communicates with any dog in her facility and her fastidious dedication to the well-being of all dogs in her care. Everything from winter-coats on to wadding pools on hot summer days make for excellent care! I have nearly 300lbs of dog that I drop off to her place….and I know they will be treated like one of the pack in their own individual way.
– Jonathan Rogers, 2014

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Thanks Cathy, for helping Sansa learn some proper dog etiquette and for providing her with an exciting environment that she loves being part of.

Sansa, our highly intelligent German Shepherd started coming to Cathy’s this winter and she now looks forward to her Wednesday “day off” with enormous enthusiasm. We brought Sansa to CJ’s after we spend $500 at the Vet’s to find out that Sansa was bored. We were worried that she had some sort of urinary issue, but it turned out that she was filling up on water to tease the cats before they could have a drink!! Apparently this was a game she devised to keep herself amused. We had thought that having two boys, three cats, two very devoted adults and a couple of acres of property would be enough to keep Sansa physically and mentally stimulated, but it was not enough. Sansa now has a once a week visit to CJ’s to just be a dog and romp with the pack. Sansa loves this time and really does feel she is entitled to her weekly holiday. She knows when it is Wednesday and starts herding me to the door from about 7 a.m. until we leave just after 8. Normally she follows her own morning routine, but not on Wednesdays! She is like a kid asking “are we leaving yet?” Once we get to Cathy’s she doesn’t even look back to say good-bye – she is gone through the gate to begin her own day where she has made friends with the other dogs. While Sansa is an excellent watch dog in our own home, she does not bark at Cathy’s, so we know she thinks she is on vacation. Since we have started her visits to Cathy’s, Sansa has stopped teasing the cats quite so much. We have also notice that Sansa has much better manners with other dogs. We often care for my father’s rather testy hound dog who Sansa used to really annoy, and we worried that she would get injured. We could not leave the dogs alone. This is no longer an issue. It seems that Sansa has learnt how to properly behave around another dominant dog. We recently received compliments on Sansa’s doggy etiquette when my husband took her camping. When she met other dogs she knew how to greet them, and the other owners were very impress!
ed with Sansa’s manners. She did not know how to behave around other dogs before we brought her to Cathy, who patiently helped Sansa adjust to being part of a pack. We have learnt from this experience, just how much stimulation an intelligent dog requires and we have learnt that sometimes a dog just needs to be a dog – not a human or a cat! Thanks Cathy, for helping Sansa learn some proper dog etiquette and for providing her with an exciting environment that she loves being part of.

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It gives me peace of mind knowing that she is in a safe environment, and is treated like one of Cathy & Malcolm’s own.

In October of 2013, a Jack Russell puppy made her way into our hearts, and home. Although we were aware of the responsibilities of owning a dog, I also wanted to be sure that she was well mannered, exercised and socialized. After hearing great things about CJ’s Dog Resort, I decided to call them and was warmly received by Cathy. She was personable and professional, and we arranged a “meet and greet”. Just a few days later, Birdie was heading to CJ’s for her first play day, and has enjoyed many visits since then!! It gives me peace of mind knowing that she is in a safe environment, and is treated like one of Cathy & Malcolm’s own. Upon picking her up at the end of the day, she is always happily exhausted, and we all enjoy a good night’s sleep!

Holly Labow

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