I love Ebony and want the best for him

I first met Cathy a couple of years ago when I was looking for a groomer for my Standard Poodle puppy, Ebony. After having checked out a number of different places, I went to CJ’s Dog Resort and Spa. I was sold as soon as I walked in the door. Her grooming area was very clean and well organized. Her prices were very reasonable and she was friendly and professional. She showed me a number of photos to help me chose the cut I preferred for Ebony.

Cathy’s vast knowledge of dogs has helped Ebony and me in many ways. As a first time dog owner, I faced a steep learning curve. It was Cathy who first noticed Ebony had an ear infection. At the vet’s, it took three people to hold him to administer the ear drops. He was worse when he got an eye infection. He was never aggressive, but he was like a contortionist. When I told Cathy how difficult it was to administer the drops because Ebony was so incredibly stubborn, she assured me she could get them in herself. She did! She helped me learn how to win that battle with him too. When Ebony’s eye and ear infections kept recurring, Cathy recommended I ask my vet to test him for allergies. Sure enough, that was what was causing the problem.

Every trainer who has worked with Ebony has commented on him being one of the most stubborn dogs they’ve ever worked with. He needs a loving, but firm hand. Cathy has given me countless and practical training tips. As a young puppy, Ebony could be a little rascal and Cathy and Malcolm played a huge role in helping him learn boundaries, how to share and socialize well with other dogs. He is a very high energy dog and requires a great deal of exercise. After a day at puppy daycare, he comes home tired and happy.

The play area outdoors is well maintained and has a good shaded area as well as large kiddie pools to keep the dogs comfortable in the summer heat. Cathy and Malcolm have recently added a second very large play area, giving the dogs even more space to run. It is reassuring to know the dogs are always supervised and given a lot of play time outdoors.

I like to travel and I am able to do so knowing that Ebony will have the best of care. They administer any medications he needs, be it pills, needles or drops. Should Ebony get sick while I’m away, they would take him to his own vet. On my latest trip, I extend my stay and the food I had left ran out so they went out and got the same band I use.

A couple of family members have been dealing with very serious health issues lately. It came as a huge relief when Cathy told me not to worry, that should an emergency arise, to just call and bring Ebony out to them right away. A couple of months ago, I got a call asking me to get to the hospital in North Bay as soon as possible. I was able to drop Ebony off late that day and leave with one less worry, knowing Ebony would be well cared for until I was able to get back.

I love Ebony and want the best for him. Cathy and Malcolm provide that in every way. My only concern is that Ebony doesn’t miss me much at all when he is with them.

Sharon Tallon

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