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When Theodore and Punkers came for “their” vacation, Cathy didn’t blink once as we went over all of the peculiarities of how we spoil them.

We were fortunate to find Cathy’s new sign up by the highway just as we were needing a place to board our dogs while we went to warmer climes for a week.  We followed the signs and found a warm, enthusiastic and dog-loving woman with terrific, brand-new facilities.  Although she was in the middle of having her hair done, she immediately jumped up and showed us around.  We were sold!  (We’re also sold on her preserves and baking at Christmas, but that’s another story.)  One thing that we particularly liked was that the dogs stay in the house with the family, and each boarder has his or her own “room”–our dogs would become family pets while they stayed there.  The house had been recently renovated to make this possible.
When Theodore and Punkers came for “their” vacation, Cathy didn’t blink once as we went over all of the peculiarities of how we spoil them.  We went off on our trip without any worrying about them, except perhaps to wonder if they missed us a little bit.  When we picked them up 9 days later, it was clear that they had been in good hands, and had been havingway too much fun to be wondering where we were.  
We continue to take them out “to the farm” three afternoons a week so that they can run around off-leash in the VERY BIG fenced-in yard and play with other dogs.  This has done a great deal for Punker’s socialization skills (he was a rescue), and Theodore has completely fallen in love with Cathy.  We think that he’d be happy if we just left him there all the time.  He’s also become much better at dropping the ball when he plays fetch with us.
Cathy can also groom your dog.  We’ve been very happy with the dog’s “do’s”. 
If you are looking for a safe, homey and very reasonably priced place to leave your dog or dogs, you have found it.  Don’t go anywhere else.  Calling CJ’s a kennel would be an insult–this is your best friend’s home away from home.
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Cathy along with her husband (Malcolm) have created an exceptional facility for pampering your dogs in a homelike setting.

It was 1983 when our family moved from St. Catharines to the Cobourg area with our 3 children and 2 dogs (poodles) in tow. One of the major hurdles in our relocating was to find a suitable dog grooming operation.
We initially tried a few dog grooming establishments without satisfactory results.
It was recommended that we try Cj’s Grooming located on Orange Street in Cobourg at the time and BINGO we hit it off with Cathy on all cylinders. The dogs got a good, professional grooming with all the trimmings. They receive top notch care while with her because she cares about dogs and continues to this day.
We continued with Cj’s Grooming when they relocated to Danforth Rd until the time when Cathy temporarily changed careers.
Now that Cathy has re-established her business as Cj’s Dog Resort & Spa, we have returned to her with our dogs (now numbering 3).
Cj’s Dog Resort & Spa is now much more than a dog grooming operation and Cathy along with her husband (Malcolm) have created an exceptional facility for pampering your dogs in a homelike setting.
This has always been the dream of Cathy that has finally come to fruition and if you care about your dog(s) it certainly is worth a visit to see the new facilities or at least take a look at their website
Bob & Madeline Line – Cobourg, Ontario
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Thank you so much, Cathy!

Once again, Marley enjoyed her stay at your doggie spa.
Marley was so excited to say goodbye to us as we went to yet another hockey tournament,
and she loved seeing all her ‘friends’ again. When she got home she was pooped from all the playing over the weekend!

It was especially nice during Marley’s last stay to come home to her all
fresh and clean from a bath and grooming!! Finally.
So nice to have that all taken care of too!
You have such a great spot and it certainly helps put our minds at ease and leave her behind
when we know she is having fun, getting exercise and getting love and attention too!

Thank you very much for taking such good care if our baby!!
The Cattell family

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Welcome to our new website! Check out our article in Sideroads magazine!

New Dog Resort and Spa comes to Northumberland County

Sideroads Magazine article

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Cathy Carruthers has a love and passion for dogs, she says “I could be with dogs 24/7”.

Cj’s Dog Resort and Spa is located at 9883 Danforth Road,  five minutes from Cobourg.

It is a full service dog retreat, everything from shampooing, grooming, daycare, and overnight stays. The resort is located in a beautiful fenced country setting with groomed trails for long walks outdoors and a comfortable indoor lounge area. It also has a swimming pool for those dogs that love to swim. Click on the magazine to view a copy of the article.


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